About Us

SilverVogue is a ready-to-wear brand founded in Indonesia in 20 November 2015.
The brand is focusing on creating your fashion needs with unique and fashion forward styles.

With our team’s experience in a garment manufacturing company, we know exactly every process of creating clothes, how much it costs and how much some retail stores mark up their products, sometimes how much quality they compromise to profit.

We want to break those boundaries, we believe fashion is for everyone and it drives us to create affordable and quality fashion for everyone.

Our commitment: Keeping Quality Fashion Affordable. How do exactly we do it?

In case you are wondering how do we live by offering you an affordable price with great quality, we are a small, independent company, run by a small team with big dreams to make this industry better. We cut all those big operations, marketing and unnecessary expenses some fashion companies do that increase the price of the clothes you wear. We keep it simple, so we can keep it affordable for you.

We also own our own workshop, so we can produce our design in a cost-effective business model so we can keep our price affordable for you. That is also how we maintain our quality.

As we said, we are here to create quality, affordable fashion for everyone.

Because you deserve it.

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